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About Us

Building Dreams, Shaping Communities

Unleashing the Power of Design

Who we are

Our Mission at Falcon DSGN is to boast a diverse portfolio of unique developments that cater to the needs of our Clients. We pride ourselves on delivering quality with flexibility. To acheive this we have implemented a young, highly qualified and enthiusiastic team that aims to understand your development needs from the outset. At Falcon DSGN, we put our Clients best interests first.

Our Vision here at Falcon DSGN is to be the premier architectural, engineering and management consultancy that Clients can trust. We believe that together we can achieve great things, deliver developments that enhance our built environment and transform the way we develop tomorrows projects in a world that is seeking a greener more sustainable future.

Purpose: To continuously strive to provide a better solution

  •  Values: Deliver with integrity / Collaborate with everyone / Embrace the challenge / Continuously improve

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Giving back to society – promote social, economic and environmental initiatives

  • Value sharing – share the value created by the Group with all its employees 

  • Develop human capital – Promote diversity and multiculturalism in all their forms

  • Support our employees by providing skills                    development opportunities, Encourage dialogue          within the company and involve staff and                     management in corporate decision-making.

  • Protect our Environment – Consider the CSR impact of our clients projects by means of a social, ethical and environmental assessment grid, Contribute to the fight against climate change and work towards net zero carbon by reducing and offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions.

Ethics & Conduct

  • Ethics & Integrity - Falcon Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

Diversity & Inclusion

  • D&I Policy

Modern Design
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